Who are the EDL and what do they really stand for ?

This article has been well over due, but it has come to the point where I had to say something against this group of thugs that have long plagued our beautiful multi-cultural British society.

It is clear that the EDL are against the Islamic religion as a whole. With raging chants like “Allah is a pedo”, “shove your Allah up your arse” they can never claim that they are just against what they term as “Islamists”. It is apparent that they wish to attack all Muslims and anything they remotely consider as Islamic. Do they not realize that Allah is the very name of the God of the Jews and the Christians and that the name Allah is not only found within the Qur’an, but also in the Arabic Bible and other Christian manuscripts even before the advent of Islam? Therefore they can never use a religious pretext to justify their cause. They can stand there hand in hand with their so called Muslim “Abd-us-Salaam” and claim they are not against Muslims at all, but truth be told, Abd us-Salaam is a hypocrite for joining forces with those who insult Allah, the Prophet of Allah and Islam. There is no way in this world that Abd us-Salaam can claim to be a Muslim of the Islamic faith.

Likewise the EDL cannot claim to be a Christian organization and it is obvious the religious symbols and the Christian faith mean nothing to them as they lack the very Christian ethics that the Christian faith strongly preaches. They are nothing more but football hooligans and the only loyalty to the Red Cross symbol is only due to the fact they are supporters of the England football team. They beg to ask “Allah, Allah, who the fuck is Allah” but do not care for the answer, as their true motive is to provoke Muslims into stooping to their level of stupidity by counter protesting.

Another hypocritical stance they take is their perspective on Halal meat slaughter, yet but wait a minute, do they not support the Jews and have named their whole organization after the Jewish Defence League? Do they not have a Jewish Rabbi as a representative of the EDL?  Maybe they should ask their Rabbi Nachum Shifren how his religion regulates the slaughter of their meat. You will find that they apply the very same methods that are applied in the Islamic Shar’iah.

If they argue that they have a problem with Muslims due to the way the meat is slaughtered then they must have the same problem with the Jews and stop being so hypocritical in their stance. This is another clear example where they are just cherry picking the Muslims and the Islamic religion, because there only aim is to victimize and bully under any pretext they can find.

They claim that they are the working class that are sick of having their tax money paid out to Muslims that are on social security benefits. Yet they waste valuable police time and tax payers money with the very violent demonstrations they hold. If they were peaceful protesters as they claim, then why are they seen to be hurling abuse, and throwing objects such as cones at the police, and in many cases physically attacking the police and have caused police officers to be hospitalized. Why are they smashing up restaurants that end up coming out of the expenses of local councils or British based insurance companies. God knows best how much tax payers money they have cost the real working class citizens with their destructive nature, criminal damage and waste of police time.

There are, however, valid points that I do agree with, grievances that are felt by many British citizens. But they are not reasons to make generalizations against all Muslims or people that come to this country. I do feel that the immigration matter has been blown out of control, I do feel mad that our country is being used by people that have come here to simply milk the cow, I do feel mad at rape crimes committed by Asian gangs, I feel horrified by the atrocities that some heatless people carry out such as the London bus bombings, and more recently the Woolwhich attacks. However, lets not generalize. There are citizens of this country using and abusing the system, what about them? We have many rape cases that are committed by non Asians, what about them? And why attempt to pin these problems on Islam where Islam clearly forbids any type of sexual act except within the fold of marriage, and that is including rape! What about the atrocities committed by racists? Where were the EDL when Steven Lawrence was murdered in cold blood at a London bus stop? I have never heard the EDL talk about that.

Why just blame Muslims for the social problems of this society? To even blame everything on Shar’iah law is the most illogical contradiction I have ever seen. Had these EDL people took time and special care to read the Qur’an they would know that Islam is against terrorism, Islam is against rape, Islam is against the many things they complain of, but yet Islam, according to the EDL is the biggest threat? This is absolute nonsense and a clear case of text book bigotry towards the Muslims and the Islamic religion.

In my analysis of the EDL and what they stand for, I have concluded that they are nothing but another extreme that the true British people, especially the working class citizens could do without. There is no question about it, but we are dealing with an extreme terrorist group that is just like any other terrorist that they claim to be against. The EDL and their “Islamist” counter-parts fit the same psychological profile; they are both claiming a pure cause and are ready to harm innocent people under the pretext of the cause they claim. They are illogical and unreasonable, unfair, vindictive, full of hate and make generalizations on people due to colour, creed and ethnicity. Whether they like it or not, are cut from the same cloth as the very extreme they claim to oppose.


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