Debunking the moon-god claim – Allah had no son chick tract

It seemed like any ordinary weekend shopping; there I was as a fresh-man new convert to Islam – having only watched a few Ahmad Deedat videos – when I was approached by a Christian that handed me over this little booklet titled “Allah has no son” with the symbol of the Pakistani flag with the Crescent moon on it. The fact that a Christian was handing me a booklet “Allah has no son” took me back as we all know that one of the main points of the Christian creed is that they believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, so him handing me a booklet saying God has no son amazed me somewhat.

I stood there thanking this Christian not knowing what I was to find inside. The Christian quickly responded “Have you five minutes to talk”, I replied in the affirmative, so there I was leaving Asda with my shopping walking along with this Christian to find a nice patch of grass nearby in the sun, so we could discuss. I assumed that after a few Ahmad Deedat videos I would be able to handle the da’wah effort, or at least defend Islam, but unfortunate for me at that time my limited knowledge resulted in a whole lecture from the Christian claiming that my beloved Prophet was this, that and this, and that my God Allah, was a false pagan deity and Islam a fake religion.

I did not really have any sound responses at the time, therefore, I walked away after saying a polite bye-bye, head down, defeated, not knowing what to think, embarrassed, shaken and with a hundred and one doubts put into my mind, I knew then, I had to study my faith and seek the truth regarding these matters. I then opened up the booklet “Allah has no son” which further surprised me. It was a cartoon booklet, almost as if it had been designed for Muslim children, yet to my disgust, the cartoon with riddled with hateful lies regarding Islam.

The initial page shows Muslims doing Salah in a masjid with two by-standers , a father and a son. The son asks his father “What are they doing Daddy” in which he replied, “They are praying to their moon-god, son” The next frame shows a Muslim that looks up from his Salah startled at over-hearing their conversation as he cries “moon-god???” The third frame shows the man leaving with his son being pursued by this Muslim who is running towards them shouting “You! … Wait! and the Christian father character replies innocently “Me?” with the Muslim responding “Yes, I heard what you said, you infidel.”

Straight away we can see the demonization of the Muslims, painting us generally as a people who are often in a state of anger, shouting and addressing the Jews and the Christians as infidels. Yet, needless to mention, the term infidel is actually a term invented by the Christian church to describe those who are without faith, especially who they deemed to be the enemies of Islam. They would label both Jew and Muslim with this derogatory label. However, in this cartoon I had before me it was the Muslim strangely using a theological terminology invented by Christians to refer to a Christian.

The fourth frame goes a step further, by taking an ayah regarding capital punishment right out of its known context and misinterpreting the Qur’an as the Muslim says: “The Holy Qur’an says I could kill you for saying that!”, the cartoonist even went further to footnote Surah 5 ayah 33, an ayah that is specifically revealed about highway robbers, and even terrorists! But yet the Christian cartoonist responsible for this tract has used intellectual dishonesty in misusing the import of this ayah from the Qur’an. The Christian father in the frame is made to look innocent as he insists “But sir, I was not speaking to you”.

The next six or so frames intentionally play on people’s ignorance and fears about Islam as the Muslim in the cartoon is depicted as an arrogant bully that harbours hatred for the west whose aim is the spread of “radical Islam” throughout the UK and the USA. Not only that, but the Muslim is depicted as provocative towards the Christian by intentionally insulting his religion by purposefully offending the Christian man’s beliefs in more ways I would care to discuss at this precise moment. This is where the catch appears, the hook we have been waiting for in the twelfth frame where the Muslim shouts “And Jesus cannot be God’s son because the Qur’an declares “Say not that Allah beget a son!”

We see the work up and how they catapult the newest attack on Islam, one that has never been heard before, when the Christian responds “That’s no problem sir, because Allah is NOT God”.

The very next frames argue that Allah is originally a pre-Islamic pagan moon-god that was worshipped by the Sabeans, who was married to the sun goddesses and had Al-lat, al-Uzza and Manat which later became idols and were worshipped as the Daughters of Allah.

The frames go on to show the Muslim in shock, attentively listening to every hook, line and sinker of the Christian’s falsehood, as the Christian seems to break it down to him, with a friendly hand on the Muslims shoulder claiming that Allah was one of the 360 idols worshipped at the Ka’bah, and that the Crescent moon symbol found everywhere in Islam is a proof of moon-god worship.

The Christian character even fallacious;y suggests that Islam is riddled with moon-god worship simply because Ramadaan begins and ends with the crescent moon, totally ignoring the fact that both Judaism and Islam follow the lunar calendar and measure the days, months by the phase of the moon.

The Muslims is then told to ask his Mullah why, in which the Muslim is made to reply “It is not good to ask questions” to which the Christians responsible for this tract argue that Islam does not allow the asking of questions by taking another ayah of the Qur’an way out of it’s intended import

The Christian figure in the cartoon further argues that Muhammad made his own religion and declared himself the Prophet of the moon-god and this is where the argument takes a new twist, because now the Christian is now giving reference to a stone deity that was excavated by Yigael Yadin and documented in his book Hazor.

 Funnily enough, a picture of this stone deity shows an upside down smile like semi-circle, in which he claims is a crescent moon, and then proceeds to equate it with the crescent moon found upon minarets, flags and other Islamic commodities.

However, what is most important in this frame is that the cartoonist referenced a book called the Islamic Invasion, penned by a Dr. Robert A. Morey, and that the whole of this tract that argues that Allah is a pre-Islamic pagan deity known as the moon-god is all based upon the arguments found within this book.

Un-importantly, the tract went on with the usual Christian preaching that Jesus Christ is the only begotten son, part of the triune Christian notion of divinity and that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world, and the only salvation is to accept his blood sacrifice or permanently face the hellfire. The tract shows the Muslim crying and apostating from Islam and becoming a Christian, all in fifteen minutes without even checking the sources to this Christians argument.

Well lucky for me, my destiny and fate was not decided by a Christian cartoonist who wishes to take shots at Islam. Lucky for me that my religion Islam did in fact promote the asking of questions, and encouraged Muslims to learn knowledge from the cradle to the grave.

Lucky for me I was able to pick up books such as the Islamic Invasion, Winning the Radical War against Islam, The Moon-god in the Archaeology of the Middle East, Is Allah the True Universal God and automatically detect the lies therein, only with the divine help of Allah, and as I did so I have written this very book before you, “Uncovering the Facts – Demolishing the moon-god Thesis” which is also the first of many in a series of apologetic papers that respond to the many false allegations made against the religion of Islam.

 The Upcoming Book: Uncovering the Facts – Refuting Robert Morey’s Moon-god Thesis

The following chapters of this book are set out in a specific order to combat the claims of Robert A. Morey and others such as Yoel Natan who has written similar works that argue that the God of Islam, Allah is pre-Islamic pagan deity worshipped as the moon-god.

Since this argument is multi faceted, the chapters have been separated into their respective topics, commencing with what the Jews and the Christians have to say about Allah, what the pagans say about Allah. We then branch out into what atheists and other western scholars that specialize in the fields of anthropology and mythology have to say about the God of Islam, Judaism and Christianity and thereby uncover the facts that Dr. Robert Morey and others like to hide from their selective readership.

We have also discussed the so-called archaeological findings and uncover the reality and whether these artefacts have any connection whatsoever to the topic at hand. We also discuss the sources of Islam, the origins of the Crescent moon and the significance of the moon in Islam, plus we discuss the idols that were worshipped in Arabia and how they came to be destroyed by Prophet Muhammad himself.

We also look into the lives of Abraham and Ishmael and the genealogy of Prophet Muhammad and briefly look at the faith of the Holy Prophets parents as the matter is questioned within Robert Morey’s argument against Islam. Another chapter that one may find interesting is the refutation on the satanic verses, a claim that rose to fame from Salman Rushdie’s book of the same title.   With all these topics discussed, I hope that the reader’s benefit and increase in faith as I did, knowing the evidences and then being able to stand brave in the face of such attacks. This is very important for Allah says in the Qur’an:

“And you shall certainly hear much that will grieve you from those who received a scripture before you, and from those who ascribe partners unto AllahBut if you are patient and fear Allah – indeed, that is of the matters [worthy] of determination.” – Surah al-Imran, ayah 186

 And indeed the people of the book will try to provoke the Muslims with such false claims and attack us whenever they can. I do not mean this a sweeping generalization as many Christians are actually sincere is their efforts to preach to Muslims and refrain from such attacks against Islam. It is about such Christians that Allah has revealed the ayah:

Allah encourages kindness and justice to those who do not fight you, abuse your religion, nor drive you out of your homes, and indeed Allah loves the people of justice.  Surah Mumtaĥanah [60], ayah 8

 Such and ayah strike the balance to the often misinterpreted ayahs regarding not making friends with the Jews and the Christians. Ayahs that are often used by the Jews and the Christians for their own purpose of stirring hate against Islam, because obviously, they are not from the Jews and the Christians that Allah has encouraged us to be kind and just with. Therefore I am not talking about the people of the book who are sincere in their faith and bear no malice towards the Muslims, I am strictly referring to the Jews and the Christians that practice the way of Shaytaan, as Shaytaan has promised that he will beguile the believers at every opportunity he gets

 The Shaytaan said [to Allah]: Now, because you have sent me astray, verily I shall lurk in ambush for them on The Right Path. Surah 7 ayah 16

 Is this is exactly their game with these false claims against Islam. These type of Christians are not bothered what faith you chose thereafter, just as long as you leave Islam. You do not find these Christians focusing their efforts on Hindus at all! Shaytaan has already misled the Hindus from the path of Allah. They focus primarily upon Muslims hoping to destroy their faith in Islam. However, my aim at pointing this out is not to spread further hatred for even these types of antagonists, but rather advice the Muslims to the Prophetic response.

 Now it is obvious that these Jews and Christians cannot face the capital punishment that both the Qur’an and the Bible metes as a fair punishment for a people who insult the Prophets as Islam is no longer a state religion, not even in most Islamic countries that are now secularized. Therefore the response Muslims should take in this day of age is a Makkan revelation, owing to the fact that the Muslims are not in authority and are being widely persecuted as were the Muslims in the days when the Makkan chiefs had authority and would go to great lengths to persecute the believers. One Makkan revelation in mind in the 63rd ayah from Surat ul-Furqaan:

The servants of ((Allah)) Most gracious are those who walk on the earth In humility, and when the ignorant address them, They say, “Peace!”; Surat ul-Furqan, ayah 64

 Even if this was a Madani revelation, it would not make licit the indiscriminate killing of any Danish citizen due to the Danish cartoon controversy. Neither would it make licit the vigilante assassinations and Islamaphobic film makers, nor would it make licit the mass marches and the burning of UK, Danish, American embassies, nor would it make licit the burning of Jewish and Christian places of worship, nor even the national flag of such and such country. These wrong actions perpetrated by extremists are not true representative of the religion of Islam.

 Execution, however, or even assassination ordered by a state law can be arguably justifiable, and such actions are not strangers to the “free world” and countries of democracy that we live within today. Only in 1961 was the UK capital punishment law of the death sentence abolished for a person who vandalized the property of Queen Elizabeth, e.g. something as small as a red royal mail post-box. The death sentence was even still applicable in 1998 in the UK for the crimes of treason, and piracy with violence, with all death penalties only being abolished in 2003 under the 13th protocol.

 Therefore it should be kept in mind, that the authorities response under a valid Muslims state for insulting the Prophet, waging war against the Muslims, espionage and treason against the state cannot be held in a negative light against Islam and the Prophet of Islam, especially since this law was also found in the law of Moses, and anybody who insulted Moses and committed the mentioned crimes under the “Jewish state” would ultimately put to death.

 Though capital punishment is not the focus of this book, it has to be emphasized that capital punishment carried out by Muslim vigilantes is a crime within itself. Only a valid state authority can order such a penalty, an in this very time, all acts of violence, unless in self-defence, cannot be justified by the Shari’ah, and anybody who does so is in danger of judgement from Allah. Therefore the most befitting response is to say peace and totally ignore the situation in order to prevent further evil and public unrest.

 Do not give the evil people from the Jews and the Christians the reaction they strongly beg. Make their actions in vain. This is the only empowering position, not to fall for their provocative behaviour and tricks, as the thing they want to see Muslims do, is get angry, march, shout death threats, show egotism, commit acts of violence, burn buildings, poppies, flags and pictures, because when the Muslims do this, it gives them the chance they eagerly desire to blame Prophet Muhammad and the teachings of Islam on a public platform, because they are the very people who want to blow out the light of Allah.

 In sha Allah more will be said in the forthcoming follow-up “That’s not the Muhammad I know – Defending the Integrity of Prophet Muhammad” which is aimed to defend our beloved Prophet from all the existing charges.

Bismillah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem 

As-salamu Alaykum Dear Readers.

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Please do consider that Wahhabis spend billions of pounds on da’wah materials, books, videos, TV channels, masjids, colleges. The Jews and Christians also spend bilions of pounds on media and other resources to defame the Prophet and religion of Islam.  No matter the odds, whether people choose to donate of not, it is the life mission of Saladin Publishing to defend the faith by whatever means we have.  We require donations small or large to help pay for the following

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