14 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. i was raised in a Hanafi family and i pray my salat according to the Hanafi
    school.But recently i found out that prophets prayer was a little bit
    different than the way Hanafis pray.For example, Hanafis DONT raise their
    hands before going to the Rukuh and while straightening up from the Rukuh.
    So i was thinking should i start praying like the way Hanbalis pray?I go to a
    Hanafi masjid.Can i pray like this over or should i act like a pure Hanafi?

    • Salamun ‘alaykum

      There are evidences for the Hanafi madh-hab in the book entitles Kitaab al-Athaar which was compiled by a student of Imaam Abu Hanaifah.

      The four Imaams had different principles when looking to the texts and different ways at looking at the evidences.

      The Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wasallam even taught the Sahaabah different ways to pray. These differences have been traditionally passed down and are a mercy for the Ummah.

      I would not worry about being a Hanafi at all. Wa as-Salam

    • Salamun alaykum, sorry I am not understanding your question, whether it is an inheritance question, janaazah burial question, visitation question, waqf charity? please do clarify, and may Allah bless you and your loved ones ameen

  2. Salaam brothers please can you advise me of were i can purchase the book by Br. Sanders Andrew “the wahhabi Threat” i have looked everywhere and i am willing to pay extra for your time and effort especially if you have stopped selling? Name your price brother?

    • Wa alaykum as-salam, the books have been in the works since 2009. I highly underestimated the task at hand. Research took me deeper into other pressing issues which needed to be included. Yet the good news is vol. 1 is nearly finalized. There is only a few things to adjust and check over then it will be released in sha Allah. Thank you for you support. Wasallam

      • Can you personally let me know via email when this book is ready?

        Approximately how long till volume 1 is published ? As your saying urself its been delayed over 5yrs

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